Reputable Relationships

To truly change how the world thinks about re-using water, we’ve teamed up with some extraordinary organizations.

Aspirational Associations

Net Zero Water is a member of some of the leading fresh water and waste water associations in Ontario. These organizations and their members work diligently to promote sustainability and superior water management through the protection of our water resources. They also provide a window into some of the latest challenges, opportunities and successes at all levels of our industry.

Proud Partnerships

Net Zero Water represents some of the greatest pump and water treatment companies in North America, enabling us to deliver customized, state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting packages precisely when you need them.

Our engineering team is supported by dedicated factories who build the strongest line-up of pumps in North America.

We are a Pentair OEM distributor/manufacturer for specially built water treatment equipment for a variety of water problems. Pentair is a world leader in providing equipment for water treatment systems. In municipal, commercial and industrial projects where iron, manganese, hardness, sulfur or tannins are a problem, we can engineer a water treatment solution for your unique situation.

PRIMEX®, the SJE-Rhombus® Engineered Solutions Team dedicated to water and wastewater control is the largest provider of complete control solutions for water applications in North America, offering a broad end to end suite of products and services, including standard pump control panels, full-featured web-hosted icontrol® SCADA solutions and highly complex systems integration projects for large or small municipalities.


We have partnered with Voltea to specify and distribute their unique state-of-the-art water technology, CapDI. Voltea has created a tunable water deionization solution designed to improve water quality from a variety of water sources. In applications where the traditional answer was water softeners, reverse osmosis or other water treatment equipment, Voltea CapDI achieves superior performance, lower operating costs, minimal if any chemical usage, and is ideal for the treatment of drinking water, brackish groundwater or industrial process water.