Groundwater Harvesting Designs

Continually exceeding regulations.

In the City of Toronto, sewer discharge permits and agreements are required when private water (water not purchased from the City) is discharged into the City’s sewer system, including storm sewers, sanitary sewers or combined sewers.

Examples of private water (water collected or accumulated on private land) include:

  • groundwater
  • surface water
  • rainwater
  • stormwater
  • construction dewatering
  • contaminated water

Groundwater often represents the most problematic and costly challenge to developing a building site. Owners and developers need to choose between fully waterproofing the building (an expensive option), paying to discharge water to the sanitary sewer based on the volume to be discharged, or creating a permanent groundwater management system and discharging to the storm sewer for free. However, the limits set by Toronto’s bylaws regarding discharge of contaminants to the stormwater system are comprehensive and must be met.

Net Zero Water will help you determine the right groundwater management options that suit the unique characteristics of your project.

First, we can look at various treatment solutions for groundwater that would allow you to discharge to the stormwater system rather than to sanitary sewer and avoid costly sewage discharge fees.

Second, we can consider treating and re-using that groundwater for a variety of non-potable uses. Much like rainwater or greywater, groundwater is an ideal water source available on-site and can be used for toilet flushing, vehicle washing, cooling tower make-up or irrigation. Groundwater harvesting is the ideal solution for meeting permit requirements while meeting sustainability objectives and reducing the need and cost for municipal potable water.

Lastly, in cases where low groundwater volume is expected, we can look at designing a treatment system that meets sanitary/combined sewer bylaw discharge for discharge into the sanitary/combined sewers.

At Net Zero Water, we can work with you to come up with a solution that best meets your goals.

Get your guide to budgeting your Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System

Get your guide to budgeting your Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System