We’re leaders in Rainwater Harvesting

And we’ll save you time, money, and most importantly, water.

Net Zero Water provides commercial building engineers and design professionals with reliable, customized, turnkey solutions day in and day out. We ask the right questions and know the right answers, from your first phone call through your day-to-day operations well into the future.

Through education, collaboration, and decades of in-house expertise, we help customers curb their reliance on municipal water infrastructure and immensely increase efficiency.

We believe it’s never too late to initiate change, and we are focused on creating the result that works for you.

Changing with the times

Interpump started as a distribution company for residential pump and water treatment equipment for customers throughout the province. Today the company’s scope also includes pump and water treatment products for municipal, multi-residential high-rise, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. We focus on potable water and waste water solutions and have developed special expertise in ground water pumping and treatment.

The increasing need for water conservation and sustainability has continued to gain momentum. With the cost of municipal water, related infrastructure, fees and regulations rising at an alarming rate, there has been a growing demand to utilize on-site rain water for a variety of non-potable applications. After many years of Rainwater Harvesting System development, Interpump launched Net Zero Water in 2017. Our goal is to build upon our expertise in Rainwater Harvesting and to create new technology solutions for water re-use applications across Canada.

Net Zero Water’s engineering team is located in a 17,000 square feet warehouse and fabrication facility. We strive daily to design new solutions for water re-use applications and change the way people think about re-using water. We are committed to working with architects, engineers, developers and mechanical contractors to design and build the Rainwater Harvesting solution you need. From concept through to commissioning, the Net Zero Water team is focused on helping you achieve the environmental and economic impact we all deserve.

We are in the water business – moving, treating, re-using, saving.