Our Story

Net Zero Water was created to address the growing need for stormwater management and water re-use.  Commercial rainwater harvesting and stormwater management are increasingly gaining importance in urban planning and environmental stewardship. With the escalating frequency and intensity of extreme weather events brought about by climate change, urban areas are experiencing more frequent and severe flooding. This necessitates robust stormwater management strategies to safeguard communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems. Furthermore, urbanization and impervious surfaces like roads and buildings prevent natural infiltration of rainfall, exacerbating runoff pollution, and threatening water quality in rivers and lakes.

Net Zero Water designs and manufactures water re-use systems with a focus on continuous innovation and ongoing improvement.  Our team is our strength, and we take pride in what we do every day.

Penh Tov leads Net Zero Water.  Penh has close to two decades in the environmental industry designing treatment systems for rainwater, groundwater, stormwater, and wastewater. Penh co-chaired the binational committee that published rainwater harvesting systems standards in 2019 (The International Code Council and CSA Group).

Net Zero Water is a division of  Summit Water