Key Benefits of Service Programs from Net Zero Water

Peak Performance

Regular scheduled maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems is essential to ensure trouble-free operation. Net Zero Water’s team of experienced professionals ensure that your system is at optimal efficiency, maximizing its benefits. Customers enjoy peace-of-mind with our maintenance services, knowing their system is functioning at peak performance and will deliver reliable and sustainable water supply for years to come.

Specialized Knowledge

Our maintenance services are only available for systems that have been purchased through Net Zero Water. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the specific components and intricacies of our harvesting systems, allowing us to provide superior maintenance and troubleshooting support and ensuring that your investment receives premium service. We offer different types of maintenance packages for your rainwater harvesting package detailed in our Scope of Work and below:

  • equipment operates at maximum efficiency; overall life cycle costs of equipment are reduced
  • reduced potential for system downtime, expensive repairs or increased municipal water costs
  • cost-effective and easy to budget on a yearly basis
  • ensures highest possible water quality
  • relieves the headache of coordinating maintenance with other techs who may be unfamiliar with the equipment or RWH system operation
  • only high-quality, genuine replacement parts are used
  • Ontario-based service technicians backed by Net Zero Water engineering specialists
  • environmentally-minded; UV lamps are recycled and handled according to Environment and Climate Change Canada guidelines

Customized Support

Net Zero Water’s maintenance packages fit the unique needs of your rainwater harvesting system. Whether you require regular inspections, UV and filter maintenance or system optimization, our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to deliver efficient and reliable services tailored to your system’s requirements.

For more information , please view our Maintenance Package Brochure or contact Mackenzie Caruso at or 519.783.8429.

Maintenance Request

We are available for any maintenance required including emergency and routine services. Service times vary depending on the scope of work and availability. Please fully complete this form to ensure prompt service, or contact Mackenzie Caruso at or 519.783.8429.

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