Get Your Guide to Budgeting for a Rainwater Harvesting System


Rainwater harvesting systems are becoming more common due to stormwater management requirements, limited storm sewer capacity, climate change and the desire for a more sustainable approach to managing our water resources. Accurately budgeting for a rainwater harvesting system is imperative.

This guide was developed to help planners, architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and design build contractors understand the important design elements required for budgeting for a rainwater harvesting system. With a growing number of building projects requiring the use of rainwater harvesting systems, it is crucial to budget properly to reduce costly change orders and minimize the potential for construction delays.

This in-depth guide to budgeting for your commercial rainwater harvesting system provides:

  • an introduction to rainwater harvesting and the important role it plays in water resource management,
  • an overview of the components of a commercial rainwater harvesting system,
  • steps to budgeting for a rainwater harvesting system including a budgeting worksheet, and
  • an outline for implementing a commercial rainwater harvesting system.

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