Bathurst College Centre, Toronto Ontario

May 3, 2018

The Bathurst College Centre is an urban mixed use 4-storey commercial building with retail and offices. Located in a vibrant and diverse neighborhood close to Little Italy, Kensington Market and University of Toronto, the one-acre property will provide retail amenities and work space that compliments the neighborhood.

In areas of the city where aging infrastructure meets high density urban development, bringing a developer’s vision to life can be a journey through challenging terrain. Recognizing that climate change and severe weather events impact our communities and public safety, the need to build more Resilient Cities is driving change to policies and regulations set out by all levels of government.

To balance and provide adequate sewer capacity to existing, new and future developments Toronto Water has been thorough in the review of discharge permits to sanitary and storm sewers. Toronto Water closely scrutinizes private water discharges, i.e. sources not derived from potable water including groundwater, rainwater and stormwater, into the sanitary and storm sewer.

In this project, the client needed to demonstrate the groundwater collected from the weeping tiles is adequately treated prior to discharge to storm sewer and at a permitted flowrate. More specifically, constituents found in the groundwater must not exceed storm sewer bylaw limits.

Net Zero Water worked with TMP to design a turn-key groundwater system appropriate for the site and meeting site constraints. Net Zero Water provided concepts and options, drawings and written specifications.

The final Net Zero Water treatment design was heavily influenced by the need for sustainable operation and maintenance. The treatment system minimizes the use of consumables by eliminating the use and need for chemical handling as well as the use of potable water for backwashing. The Net Zero Water design was optimized to be compact, configured for ease of maintenance, skid mounted and fabricated with stainless steel piping and fittings, and integrated with Net Zero Water control panel with colour HMI screen with communications to Building Automation System. The Net Zero Water’s turn-key solution includes system commissioning and training.

Net Zero Water also provides a maintenance program which offers clients peace of mind and confidence that their system is operating as intended.