North East Transit – Alberta

October 1, 2017

Net Zero Water was recently awarded a water reuse project in Western Canada.

A transit station in Alberta was looking to reduce their potable water usage by implementing a rainwater harvesting system (RWHS) to collect and treat their rainwater for the washing of their city buses. Our Director of Rainwater Harvesting & Water Reuse, Penh Tov, was contacted by a company in Edmonton who wanted to help the municipality with this project. By consulting with Penh they found that they could move closer to their ‘Net Zero Water’ goal by not only using their rainwater for their bus wash needs but also for closed loop cooling at the municipal transit facility.

As with all projects which need to obtain specific permitting, there were a few challenges that needed to be addressed before moving forward. Although they did not have specific guidelines to follow, Alberta Heath concerns needed to be taken into consideration. Our customer needed to know that the Net Zero Water rainwater harvesting system would comply with any regulatory requirements that could potentially come up. As a result, Penh created a design with Tier 3 treatment including filtration, UV disinfection and chlorine injection for residual disinfection that would meet the draft CSA/ICC B805-201x Rainwater Harvesting Systems standard for RWH. Penh also submitted a Water Safety Plan to Alberta Health to give them additional reassurance that our system will address any and all stringent regulatory reviews for public health protection.

With Net Zero Water’s ability to meet all treatment and potential regulatory requirements, our customer was able to provide the right solution for the application. Installation is slated for 2018.