Interpump and Net Zero Water are now Representing Voltea in Canada

Interpump and Net Zero Water have partnered with Voltea to specify and distribute their unique state-of-the-art water technology, CapDI. Voltea has created a tunable water deionization solution designed to improve water quality from a variety of water sources. In applications where the traditional answer was water softeners, reverse osmosis or other water treatment equipment, Voltea CapDI achieves superior performance, lower operating costs, minimal if any chemical usage, and is ideal for the treatment of drinking water, brackish groundwater or industrial process water.

Voltea’s scalable technology treats water types ranging from residential consumer appliances to large-scale industrial plants. Systems are modular and can be easily expanded to meet any increased water demands.

CapDI Systems are tunable and allow for TDS reduction between 25 – 90% depending on customer needs and eliminates the requirement for blending to achieve a specific water quality. Users simply set their desired water quality and Voltea continually adjusts itself to account for any fluctuations in feed water characteristics.

Compared to other water equipment products, Voltea’s high recovery rate is ideal for;

  • Food and Beverage Production Industry
  • Greenhouses and Horticulture
  • Cooling Tower Feed Water
  • Industrial Paint Lines
  • Commercial Laundry

For more information, please visit their website