Well Condos Project, Downtown Toronto

October 6, 2020

Net Zero Water is providing seven rainwater harvesting systems for the Well Condos project in downtown Toronto.

The Well Condos is a new condominium development by Tridel, one of the greenest builders in the GTA. Located in King St West, this ambitious project in downtown Toronto will add a 7.8-acres mix of retail, commercial, and residential space to the neighbourhood.

In addition to its spectacular architecture and tremendous amenities, the Well have been outfitted with cutting edge sustainability technologies and built to a LEED Platinum Certification Standard. Among their numerous sustainable features, you’ll find a Net Zero Water rainwater collection systems to meet the LEED Standard and Ontario stormwater management requirements. Rainwater collected from the buildings’ roof area will be treated and reused for non potable applications which not only will help reduce municipal water use but also comply with the Low Impact Development mandate in Ontario.

Working with the mechanical contractor Modern Niagara, Net Zero Water was tasked to design and build seven packaged rainwater harvesting systems for the Well project. NZW worked closely with the engineer to customize the design to meet the project goals and objectives. Key elements of the design include required high quality treated water and operational flexibility including full automation and controls.

The Well project has total of seven buildings with each building having their own rainwater harvesting system. The rainwater treatment systems will treat cistern water to meet the anticipated use and demand from each building. In Buildings A, B, C and E the treated rainwater will be reused for irrigation. In Buildings D, F & G the treated rainwater will be reused for both toilet flushing and irrigation. The rainwater collected will come from each building’s green roof and therefore the colour and organic content of the water needed to be considered.

The final packaged rainwater treatment system solutions were customized for each building based on the intended application and demand. For Buildings of A, B, C, and D, NZW proposed four similar skid mounted rainwater harvesting packages for irrigation treatment. Each skid consists of a full filtration system complete with pumping system and VFD control. For Buildings D, F, and G, NZW proposed three custom skid mounted rainwater harvesting packages for toilet/ urinal flushing and irrigation. Each treatment package will consist of ozone treatment followed by full filtration, UV disinfection and will be complete with pumping system and VFD control. The packages will treat the rainwater before pumping it to service.

Each skid will include a central control unit programmed to continuously monitor water levels in the cistern, equipment status and alarms on an HMI display with communication to the building automation system.

All systems were designed to be compact, configured for ease of maintenance, and include stainless steel pipe and fittings for strength and durability. As part of all Net Zero Water’s turn-key solutions, system commissioning, testing and training is included in the purchase of the system to ensure system operation and reliability for years to come.