• The Client:Orlando Corporation
  • The Asks:120 gpm at 70psi, minimize potable water consumption

The Problem:

Orlando Corporation is a large real estate developer and landlord of industrial, commercial and retail properties. To achieve their water conservation vision, the corporation has implemented automated irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting to minimize potable water consumption.

In the City of Mississauga, non-potable water can be used but direct connection to city water is forbidden even if protected by a backflow preventer. There were also certain limitations placed on the size of the cistern thus limiting the amount of rainwater that could be collected from the roof. As a result, the irrigation system will need to supplement rainwater with potable water should the cistern become empty. The challenge was meeting all required plumbing codes while also minimizing cost. A reliable water supply for irrigation was important for the client since the healthy landscaping can positively reflect the company brand.

The Answer:

To address the no direct connection to potable water, Net Zero Water proposed a day tank design. A day tank design consists of a transfer pump from the cistern to the rainwater skid located inside the building. At the rainwater skid, cistern water is filtered through a bag filter before storage in the day tank. A booster pump draws water from the day tank and delivers treated non-potable water to the irrigation system on demand. When the cistern is empty, potable water tops up the day tank so that water is continuously available for irrigation. By using the day tank, no direct connection to potable water was needed and the plumbing code was met.

The HMI on the rainwater controller allows the operator to easily see the status of the equipment, the amount of water in the cistern and day tank, the total amount of potable and non-potable water consumed and monitors the filter for maintenance.

The Design:

The rainwater harvesting system was commissioned in August 2015 and is operational during spring, summer and fall months. To view a sample design of this application, download the spec below.

The Features:

  • Treatment, Booster and Controls Pre-assembled Skid
  • Complete with Stainless Steel Piping, isolation valves and gauges
  • Day Tank
  • Color HMI Touch Screen
  • PLC Programmed to Run with Minimal Supervision
  • Water Consumption Tracking
  • Filter Maintenance Monitoring
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